Oil Seals Valve Stem Seals Gaskets
A valve stem seal and lubricator for an internal combustion engine intake or exhaust valve comprising a capillary member surrounding and slidably engaging the valve stem. The capillary member is enclosed and retained by a seal or scraper member positioned over and about the valve guide boss. The seal member has an orifice which strips oil from the reciprocating valve stem and directs it toward the periphery of the seal member. Limited portions of the capillary member are exposed to this oil flow and carry a regulated portion of the oil back to the valve stem for its lubrication. Oil seal prevents the passage of fluids along a rotating shaft. Seals are necessary when a shaft extends from a housing (enclosure) containing oil, such as a pump or a gearbox. Leather, synthetic rubber, and silicones are among the materials used for the sealing ring.
Mutli Layer Steel