Down pipe Gaskets Catalic Converter Gaskets
Down pipe gasket has a wide variety of seals or packing’s used between matched machine parts or around pipe joints to prevent the escape of a gas or fluid .Downpipe gasket is also known as a spiral wound it is been mechanically clinched by rolling the layers of broader steel wire with fibre composite material and been spot-welded for holding both the layers and same is done for the other materials as well such as fibre composite only or others etc. wire mesh gasket is a metal steel wires weaved to form a screen. Similar to chain link mesh but stronger, the wires are twisted two or three times in the link to prevent the link to come apart with graphite or mica material which added between the layer of wires and then mechanically pressurizing to get the finalise product. Material specified are stainless steel wire or mild steel wire and graphite or mica or fibre composite etc.
Mutli Layer Steel