Crown’s Cylinder Head Gaskets
MLS Mls is Multiple layers of stainless steel with elastomeric coating which provides micro sealing for the engine block and an extra layer of coating which enhance cold seal capabilities which reduces friction and prevents sticking. Graphite Graphited head gasket is mechanically clinched by an expended graphite sheet to both side with the perforated steel embedded between the layers. The washer ring or the eyelets are been embedded on the head gaskets. Further coating improves micro sealing, reduces friction and prevents sticking. Fiber Composite Non Asbestos or Fiber Sheets are chemically bonded with a solid or perforated layer of sheet which is embedded between the two layers of NA material. Fluid sealing is enhanced by the screening on the surface of fiber sheet. Further sealing is achieved by embedding washer rings or eyelets and than supporting it with coating that provides micro sealing, reduces friction and prevents sticking. Copper H/G It is a single or multiple layers with or without fiber composite material within the multiple layers .Copper gasket is the high temperature alloy which is capable in sealing at the maximum temperature within the engine.
Mutli Layer Steel
Fibre Composite (Non Asbestos)
Copper Gasket
Graphite With Metallic Core